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DJ ESO adds another mix to his “Take a ride in the ESOlade” series called the Purple Tape. Make sure you get this, it drops Monday 2/13/2012. 

Latest jawn from KEYEL member PS.

Red - PS aka Pablo Amor

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check his soundcloud for more beats to vibe to  http://soundcloud.com/pablo_amor

All hail the CCC. Cleveland’s KEYEL have crafted one of the aurally richest, heavily replayable hip-hop releases of the year with CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS. The three-MC trio of Holy, PS/Pablo Amor and Twizz with Eso on the tables recall the integrated flows of Slum Village, but with an in-house beat flavor that’s a little more psychedelic-tinged, tape-warped; that grimey, dirty, funky stuff. CCC’s an incredibly cohesive dive into the mind of a collective wholly in their zone – from the down-low menace of “Stack” to the breezy, romantic “Freak On“. Grab the album for free over at keyelmusic.bandcamp.com – you’ll be happy you did. ( via headnodz.fm)


Back in October of 2011 We (KEYEL) released our EP which has already been dubbed “classic” entitled CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS. Its A 9 track Ep thats dedicated to our lives in this city we all know and love called Cleveland, Oh. Honestly i could sit here and type all day abt how ill the record is but I’ll list a few links that have posted the project so you can see for yourself. But trust me this shit is FIRE!! 





PS: if you dont wanna peep the links just go here for a direct download 


Three Seas on ya Blvd Lrg!